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We lease out space so you can use it. The You Frontier transforms unused buildings and commercial space into co-working, creative, and community spaces.


Our Business Model is similar to that of a gym, based on a monthly subscription that will grant customers broad access to our space on a flexible basis. Membership is live – Click Above to Join Our Creative Network!

We currently are hosting / planning several creative events, primarily in the Fairfield County, CT area. Get tickets to Genesis: A Body Painting Battle today!

Welcome To The You Frontier

Our Mission

The You Frontier is a startup that transforms unused and underused space into co-working, community, and creative spaces. Our business model is similar to that of a gym, offering people cheap memberships for virtually unlimited access to our space. on a flexible basis. Our space is open for remote work, creating art, or whatever else you desire to use it for. We are hosting fun and exciting events including art classes, concerts, game nights and charity drives. Our mission is open up space to facilitate opportunities for you to make lasting relationships, pursue fulfilling work, and to have some awesome experiences.

We Offer...


A Way To Make Use Of Existing Space

  • The USA has enough square feet of commercial building space to fit every person in inside of it at any given time. There are over 10 million abandoned properties in the country.

  • The average person (by income) will not be able to afford to access commercial buildings in their lifetime, unless they are specifically employed by a company that owns an office or other commercial space.

  • Far too many co-working spaces are unaffordable for the average person. The cheapest subscription plan at WeWork (a “hot desk”) is $300 per month. We charge less than five times that exorbitant rate.

  • The space you gain access to will be used for your own flexible purposes, and The You Frontier will ultimately be a stepping stone for whatever you, the customer want to make of it. You can create your own new frontier – by transforming existing empty space into your own.


A Physical Social Network

  • The You Frontier will serve as not only an alternative to co-working spaces, but as an alternative to social media. In a world that is increasingly digitized and disconnected, we believe that no social media network or other online tool can be an adequate replacement for physical connection. We believe that the only real way to build a community is to have it happen organically; by facilitation, not force. We plan to serve as a community center and creative hub for every location we have property in. 


  • The You Frontier’s initial properties will be in working and middle-class areas. Too many “revitalization” projects for smaller working-class towns end up stripping said towns of their uniqueness by introducing the same chains and styles as can be found in any other city. The You Frontier aims to deepen community ties in each location that we enter by partnering w/pioneers from the area, and having them help decorate the space and give it is own, unique vibe. We also plan on partnering w/existing local organizations for special events, and highlighting local artists and creators for events and showcases.


A Chance to Have a Stake In the Company

  • Our first subscribers for any one location- our “pioneers” will help make the space their own. They will help decorate the space, and will play a significant role in determining the central theme, activities, and operating hours of the space, and all of the possibilities that will come with it.
  • The You Frontier also aims to promote the work of its members, and if you become a member, we will enable you to showcase or advertise your work on sections of our website. If you are invested in the You Frontier, we will be invested in your success.

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On March 29, 2023, The You Frontier will be hosting talented artists who will be helping...
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Our first location

The You Frontier plans on opening its first location at 25 Van Zant Street in Norwalk,...
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